Friday, October 27, 2006

Quote of the Week

For this week's quote I decided to follow up on the quote from Spurgeon two weeks ago.
You may recall that the last quote was about Spurgeon working so hard and burning himself up for the Gospel. I think it would be good to balance that comment out with another of his utterances concerning rest. In Genesis in the Creation account God rests on the seventh day and expects us to do the same, he didnt rest because he was tired, but He knew that we are but dust and we need rest. He rested for our benefit and if we dont take rest seriously then it can have detrimental effects on our life!
Spurgeon chose to keep wednesday as his day of rest when possible (since he was a pastor his day of rest could not fall on a sunday - sunday is the culmination of a preacher's week)

He says:

“Let no tender conscience doubt the lawfulness of going out of the harness for a while”

“A mouthful of sea-air, or a stiff walk in the wind’s face would not give grace to the soul but it would yield oxygen to the body which is next best”

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