Monday, October 16, 2006

Quote of the Week

I recieved an email the other day from one of my friends. In this letter we spoke about abortion which brought a brilliant quote which I came accross when I was still at Springs Baptist.
I was musing about how on earth people can justify abortion! Just imagine how numb your concience must get as a doctor who does abortions!

"If there is anything worse than our sin, it's our infinite capacity to rationalize it away" ~ Charles Colson

It's pretty sobering to think how quickly your mind makes all sorts of excuses for sin but if you just follow the path it takes you down you find that pretty soon your mind has rationalized abortion, fornication, murder and every thinkable sin away as necessary or "not so bad". I think thats scary.
Lets not conform to the culture and never stop thinking - when a people lose their ability to think for themselvesm, and instead just accept things because they are normal they have put themselves in a very dangerous position.

In Plato's Republic he likens some people to men who live in a cave an cannot move their necks at all. They stare at the back of the cave all day and watch the shadows of the outside world moving around. They are taken up with these shadows because it is all they know. He claims that it is the job of a philosopher to slowly turn them around and show them the real world.

My point in this story is to simply this. If we never wonder where the shadows are coming from, never wonder what is causing them we will be happy to spend the rest of our lives staring at those shadows. Never accept things because they seem "normal" - it may be a detrimental mistake! Always question and search things out in the Bible (our untimate authority) If we do not think then we will easily find ways to justify abortion, murder, and every other type of sin because the arguements past down to us will seem convincing. Imagine what judgement we could bring on ourselves if we stop checking things out in the scripture and thinking in general?! If we never set a standard and stick to it where will we be in 50 years? The standard is the word of GOD!

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Lydia said...

So true, Anton. I can easily forget how vitally important it is to know what I believe and why I believe it from a biblical standpoint.
If we don't know the Scriptural reasons for why we believe in something, it makes it very easy for us to believe ourselves out of those things.
Good one.